embedded signal processing solutions



The Sundance company strategy is to produce a comprehensive range of competitively priced and well-engineered products for the high-performance embedded processing market.

The Sundance product range includes modular systems based on the Texas Instruments TMS320C6x (‘C6x) range of processors as well as Xilinx FPGAs. Many products are now in their second or third generation.

Country United Kingdom
HW development Yes
HW commercialisation Yes
HDL development Yes
SW development Yes



PC/104 OneBank Carrier for SoC Modules. The EMC2-DP is a PCIe/104 OneBank Carrier for a Trenz compatible SoC Module and has expansion for a VITA57.1 FMC LPC I/O board and also has I/O pins, using a 100-way Samtec RazorBeam connectors system.
Board developed with EU funding on the Artemis EMC2 project.
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FMC ADC 100M 14b 4cha

FmcAdc100M14b4cha is a 4 channel 100MSPS 14 bit ADC low pin count FPGA Mezzanine Card (VITA 57). Input ranges: /-50mV,/-0.5V, /-5V. The offset correction by/- 5V is possible for each gain range. Commercially available.
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A simple 4-lane PCIe carrier for a FPGA Mezzanine Card (VITA 57). It supports the White Rabbit timing and control network.
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