MagentaSys: is a commercial structure selling electronic hardware for physics labs, Industrial test and measure and OEM. The product range of the company is based on the data acquisition boards of Acqiris and on catalogs of others suppliers. This equipment can be sold separately or in bundle to provide complete solutions. Project managers of physic experiments, controls, industrial test benches and complex machines have to select a bus to plug the electronic equipment needed to run their applications. These busses are VME, PCI(e), cPCI, PXI and standalone. The products proposed by MagentaSys will be centred on these busses.

Partners: With well known high-tech partners, Magentasys provides complete solutions to customers. The product range covers the needs in data aquisition, DSP applications and test systems for PXI, cPCI, PCI and VME busses.Spectrum provides a wide range of Test & Measurement products in PCI or PXI format, General purpose boards, digital and analog IOs, digitizers, crates, switches, ... High-quality products at the best price for your Test bench and Measurements systems. Agilent and Innovative-Integration provide a full range of modular digitizers with or without huge DSP capabilities (Xilinx FPGA and/or Texas Instrument DSP on-board). These two companies are providing state-of-the-art electronic solutions for RADAR, ultrasonics, High-energy Physics, Vibration Measurements, LIDAR, Mass Spectrometry, Rockets, Astrophysics, and many other High-Tech domains. Magma and MEN helps Magentasys to provide complete solutions to customers, including Processors, bus extender for IT, transportation and Research.

Organization: R. Chevalley (Consultant) was the Director of management at LeCroy Europe and CEO at Acqiris, has a strong experience of the Test and measure market in Switzerland. G. Baribaud (Consultant) is a physicist who has had important responsibilities at CERN. S. Bruderer (Sales Engineer) 10 years experience in development of both hardware and software, is in charge of sales.

With good knowledge from top management to customers including technical aspects, the company strongest point is the experience of the crewmembers

Country Switzerland
HW development Yes
HW commercialisation No
HDL development No
SW development No


FMC ADC 100M 14b 4cha

FmcAdc100M14b4cha is a 4 channel 100MSPS 14 bit ADC low pin count FPGA Mezzanine Card (VITA 57). Input ranges: /-50mV,/-0.5V, /-5V. The offset correction by/- 5V is possible for each gain range. Commercially available.
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FMC ADC 1G 8b 2cha

The FmcAdc1G8b2cha is a 2 channel 1GSPS 8 bit ADC card in FMC (FPGA Mezzanine Card, VITA 57.1) format using a Low Pin-Count (LPC) connector.

Currently in Planning phase.

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