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KAYA Instruments is a privately held global company which was founded in 2008 by vision industry professionals. It serves a global audience in the machine vision and broadcasting market with proprietary products and solutions. It is a leading provider of high-speed cameras, acquisition systems and video interfaces, by technological combination of highly-engineered products.

The company designs and manufactures internally to ensure the highest quality, inline with clients’ highly specific needs. Our products designed and manufactured by company’s engineers and producers, who have dozens of years of experience, and supported by comparably talented technical support staff and unparalleled complimenting documentation.

The company follows strict rules of quality control, for all aspects of design, manufacturing, operations and support.

Country Israel
HW development Yes
HW commercialisation Yes
HDL development Yes
SW development Yes


FMC Prototype Board - LPC

FMC prototype board fmc-prt-lpc is providing means to develop FMC systems for later integration to standard FMC Low-Pin Count form factor. Breadboard area connecting LPC pins.
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