Free/Open embedded systems technology applied to the Industrial, Scientific & Medical market


GL-Research is a company specialized in Free/Open embedded systems technology applied to the ISM (Industrial, Scientific & Medical) market. We help customers worldwide to develop better electronic products with lower cost and faster time to market by offering a comprehensive portfolio of reference designs & support services.

Country Spain
HW development Yes
HW commercialisation Yes
HDL development Yes
SW development Yes



Tool for generating multi-purpose makefiles for FPGA projects.

Main features:

Hdlmake supports modularity, scalability, revision control systems. Hdlmake can be run on any Linux or Windows machine with any HDL
More info at the Wiki page

Libre Filter Design and Analysis Tool

Libre-FDATool is a Python package aimed at helping in the analysis and design of HDL filters from high-level specifications. This Free/Libre Open Source software supports both VHDL and Verilog code generation and relies on a collection of Free scientific and EDA tools for providing advanced features -- simulation, graphics, debugging, etc.

In order to overcome the problems often related with deploying open design toolchains from the ground up across different host environments, Libre-FDATool and the associated third-party tools are alternatively distributed in a customized GNU/Linux virtual machine image. This virtualized solution is ready to use right out of the box and can be easily deployed by only using free software in any mainstream Operating System (GNU/Linux, Windows, OS-X, Solaris).

Getting Started with the SPEC

Detailed documentation on how to get ready to work with the Simple PCI Express Carrier, including hardware deployment instructions, full required toolchain setup and and a collection of step-by-step demonstrative tutorials.