Commit 946b77d0 authored by Lucas Russo's avatar Lucas Russo

hal/sm_io/*/fmc130m_4ch/*: fix wrong *_destroy pointer

The *_destroy function expect to get a pointer
to a pointer, but it was getting just a simple
pointer, causing a memory leak and segfault
(but not a crash on my machine)
parent 329aa2e7
......@@ -182,7 +182,7 @@ smio_err_e fmc130m_4ch_shutdown (smio_t *self)
DBE_DEBUG (DBG_SM_IO | DBG_LVL_TRACE, "[sm_io:fmc130m_4ch_exp] Shutting down fmc130m_4ch\n");
smio_fmc130m_4ch_destroy (self->smio_handler);
smio_fmc130m_4ch_destroy ((smio_fmc130m_4ch_t **) &self->smio_handler);
self->exp_ops = NULL;
self->thsafe_client_ops = NULL;
self->ops = NULL;
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