Commit 4ad50aa6 authored by Lucas Russo's avatar Lucas Russo

sm_io/*/fmc250m_4ch/*: increase timeout to 3000 ms as we need more time

This is documented on github issue #119.
parent 3005cba4
......@@ -51,8 +51,10 @@ smio_err_e fmc250m_4ch_config_defaults (char *broker_endp, char *service,
bpm_client_err_e client_err = BPM_CLIENT_SUCCESS;
smio_err_e err = SMIO_SUCCESS;
bpm_client_t *config_client = bpm_client_new_log_mode (broker_endp, 0,
/* For some reason, the default timeout is not enough for FMC250M SMIO. See github issue
* #119 */
bpm_client_t *config_client = bpm_client_new_log_mode_time (broker_endp, 0,
log_file_name, SMIO_FMC250M_4CH_LIBBPMCLIENT_LOG_MODE, 3000);
ASSERT_ALLOC(config_client, err_alloc_client);
client_err = bpm_set_rst_adcs (config_client, service, FMC250M_4CH_DFLT_RST_ADCS);
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