Commit 1953ce25 authored by Lucas Russo's avatar Lucas Russo

libs/libbpmclient/*: add direction polarity functions

parent 8a406bae
......@@ -924,6 +924,18 @@ bpm_client_err_e bpm_set_trigger_dir (bpm_client_t *self, char *service,
bpm_client_err_e bpm_get_trigger_dir (bpm_client_t *self, char *service,
uint32_t chan, uint32_t *dir);
/* Trigger Direction Polarity functions */
/* These set of functions write (set) or read (get) the trigger direction
* polarity of a specified channel "chan". When set to 0, the output
* direction signal is kept the same as the FPGA internal. When set to
* 1, the output direction signal is reversed.
* All of the functions returns BPM_CLIENT_SUCCESS if the parameter was
* correctly set or error (see bpm_client_err.h for all possible errors)*/
bpm_client_err_e bpm_set_trigger_dir_pol (bpm_client_t *self, char *service,
uint32_t chan, uint32_t dir_pol);
bpm_client_err_e bpm_get_trigger_dir_pol (bpm_client_t *self, char *service,
uint32_t chan, uint32_t *dir_pol);
/* Trigger Receive/Transmit Counter Reset functions */
/* These set of functions write (set) or read (get) the reset of the
* receiver or transmitter trigger counters of a specified channel "chan".
......@@ -1912,6 +1912,19 @@ PARAM_FUNC_CLIENT_WRITE_READ(trigger_dir, chan, dir)
chan, dir);
/* Trigger direction */
PARAM_FUNC_CLIENT_WRITE2(trigger_dir_pol, chan, dir_pol)
return param_client_write2 (self, service, TRIGGER_IFACE_OPCODE_DIR_POL,
chan, dir_pol);
PARAM_FUNC_CLIENT_WRITE_READ(trigger_dir_pol, chan, dir_pol)
return param_client_write_read (self, service, TRIGGER_IFACE_OPCODE_DIR_POL,
chan, dir_pol);
/* Trigger receive counter reset */
PARAM_FUNC_CLIENT_WRITE2(trigger_rcv_count_rst, chan, rcv_count_rst)
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