Commit c72ce3df authored by Lucas Russo's avatar Lucas Russo

modules/*/wb_trigger_iface: fix inverted output on FPGA trigger

On outputting '1' to trigger, we must
drive the FPGA iobuf to '0', as this means
output to FPGA. The same for outputting '0'
to trigger.

Note that we use the direction pin as data
so as to implement a wired-OR logic.
parent e31a5512
......@@ -536,9 +536,17 @@ begin -- architecture rtl
-- If we want to input data, we use the pins as usual: data as data and
-- direction as direction.
-- Notice that for FPGA output:
-- Direction pin 0 = Input to FPGA
-- Direction pin 1 = Output to FPGA
-- So, we must negate the data pin so, sending 1 will set the FPGA
-- to output ('0' in iobuf) and sending 0 will set the FPGA to input
-- ('1' in iobuf)
trig_dir_int(i) <= ch_regs_out(i).ch_ctl_dir;
trig_pol_int(i) <= ch_regs_out(i).ch_ctl_dir_pol;
trig_data_int(i) <= extended_transm(i);
trig_data_int(i) <= not (extended_transm(i));
-- Regular data/direction driving with polarity inversion
trig_dir_polarized(i) <= trig_dir_int(i) when trig_pol_int(i) = '0' else
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