Commit d89f028a authored by Federico Asara's avatar Federico Asara

New demo and nameserver script.

parent 7197fcd5
__author__ = "Federico Asara"
__copyright__ = "Copyright 2007, The Cogent Project"
__credits__ = ["Federico Asara", "Juan David Gonzalez Cobas"]
__license__ = "GPL2"
__version__ = "1.0.0"
__maintainer__ = "Federico Asara"
__email__ = ""
__status__ = "Production"
__doc__ = """
This simple demo executes a frequency sweep using a remote generator and a
remote ADC."""
import PAGE
import PAGE.SineWaveform as sw
import PAGE.RemoteObject as ro
# Just for fun
# example: create a sinewaveform, frequency 5000 Hz, amplitude 2 V
# using kwargs or attributes is actually the same.
# s = sw.SineWaveform(amplitude = 2)
# s.frequency = 50000
# create a generator, using a remote object
g = ro.RemoteObject('agilent')
g.connect() # connect is a generator function
g.set('output', True)
# if Generator was a local object, you could as well use
# g.output = True
# create an ADC, using a remote object
a = ro.RemoteObject('sis33')
output = []
def callback(wave):
# wave is being played by the generator
# 10000 samples
# let's create a few waves, this time for real!
waves = (sw.SineWaveform(frequency = 1000*(i**2)) for i in xrange(1, 11))
# sweep each 0.5 seconds in waves, calling callback each time you change
g.sweep(0.5, waves, callback)
for i in output:
print output
export PYRO_HOST=`hostname`
python -m Pyro4.naming
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