Commit a8b8f90e authored by Dave Newbold's avatar Dave Newbold

Fixing dep files

parent 6dc6dd59
......@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@ src ipbus_decode_top.vhd
addrtab -t top.xml
src -c ipbus-firmware:components/ipbus_core ipbus_fabric_sel.vhd
src -c ipbus-firmware:components/ipbus_slaves ipbus_ctrlreg_v.vhd
include -c ipbus-firmware:components/ipbus_slaves syncreg_v.dep
include -c ipbus-firmware:components/opencores_i2c
src sc_timing_iobufs.vhd
src -c components/mp7_ttc freq_ctr.vhd freq_ctr_div.vhd
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