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A spin-off company from THU, dedicated to WR related products and applications.

Country China
HW development Yes
HW commercialisation Yes
HDL development Yes
SW development No


Compact Universal Timing Endpoint based on White Rabbit

A cute-wr is a compact WR-node implementation with minimum components required. The initial design is derived from SPEC, but would work in an opposite manner as a FMC wr-nic, providing 2 DIO channels, external CLK input, EEPROM, JTAG, RS232, and expandable IOs through FMC connector. The gateware and software of cute-wr would also keep maximum compatibility with SPEC.
Project is obsolete. See cute-wr-dp for a similar board.

Compact Universal Timing Endpoint Based on White Rabbit with Dual Ports (Cute-WR-DP)

The CUTE-WR-DP is the enhanced version of CUTE-WR with dual WR ports.
You can use it as the normal WR node with one SFP port.
CUTE-WR-DP can work in chain to support cascade topology.
In future, CUTE-WR-DP could support dualport redundancy function for high reliable application.
More info at the Wiki page

WRS Fan-less hardware

Fanless version of the White Rabbit Switch WRS-3/18 (hardware version 3.4) with the low-jitter daughterboard integrated.
More info at the Wiki page


A plug&play mini-module for flexible White Rabbit integration. The SFP fibre-optic module should be implemented on the carrier board.
More info at the Wiki page