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Seven Solutions,S.L. is a technology-based company specialized in the design of HW/SW embedded systems (timing, control and high performance signal processing). We have expertise in electronics design and manufacturing (PCBs), Gateware design in FPGA based systems, embedded software, DSPs, etc. Our development activity aims two main sectors:

We are very focused on "Time as a Service":

Country Spain
HW development Yes
HW commercialisation Yes
HDL development Yes
SW development Yes


FMC DEL 1ns 4cha - stand-alone application

A fully operational stand-alone FMC Delay card based White-Rabbit node which can be initialized and perform periodic calibrations without requiring to be plugged on a PC, reducing final system cost, size and power consumption.
More info at the Wiki page

White Rabbit Standardization

This project covers all efforts geared to standardize White Rabbit, with a view to providing a stable specification which everyone can use to build compliant products.

Simple PCIe FMC carrier (SPEC) - Software

Software support for the SPEC board, including kernel and user-space Linux code.
The package also include the fmc-bus driver, which is expected to be used by other carriers as well.

White Rabbit Switch - Software

Development of software for the White Rabbit switch, and in particular the embedded Linux system running in the ARM9 processor.
More info at the Wiki page

FMC TDC 1ns 5cha

An FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC) with a Time to Digital Converter chip to perform one-shot sub-nanosecond time interval measurements. Commercially available.
More info at the Wiki page

SPEC box 1 Node

The spec-box-1n allows to use a SPEC FMC carrier in stand-alone mode, not plugged inside a PC.
An external 12 volt supply should be used to power the box. There is no forced ventilation in the box.
More info at the Wiki page

Simple PCIe FMC carrier (SPEC)

A simple 4-lane PCIe carrier for a low pin count FPGA Mezzanine Card (VITA 57). It supports the White Rabbit timing and control network. Commercially available. Linux and Labview drivers available for some mezzanine cards.
More info at the Wiki page


FmcDIO5chTTLa is a 5-bit port digital IO card in FMC form-factor. Each single-bit port can be configured individually as input or output. The I/Os on LEMO 00 connectors are TTL compatible. Commercially available.
More info at the Wiki page

FMC ADC 125M 14b 12ch - DAC 1250M 16b 2ch

The fmc-adc125m14b12ch-dac1250m16b2ch (fmc-dad) board is a 12 ch ADC/ 2 ch DAC channels board using FMC HPC and QSE connectors It has been designed for system requiring a feedback loop mechanism with precise timing, such as the tunning of RF cavities.
More info at the Wiki page

White Rabbit Starting Kit

This project guides new users to start in the White Rabbit “World” with simple experiments. The starting kit uses two SPEC + FMC-DIO cards. Each node allows basic operations such as input timestamping or programmable output pulse generation. Additionally, specific software and gateware layers allow to use it as a standard network interface card implementing the White Rabbit technology functionalities.

Wishbone Serializer Core

A transparent Wishbone bridge between two FPGAs using high-speed serial links.
This project is on hold.*
More info at the Wiki page

White Rabbit Network Interface Card

A White Rabbit compliant Network Interface Card (NIC) based on the SPEC and the DIO FMC. This project hosts the HDL and associated software to configure the SPEC so it behaves as a NIC under the Linux OS.

SPEC Box 3 Nodes (Rack 19")

The spec-box-3n allows to use up to three SPEC FMC carriers in stand-alone mode, not plugged inside a PC.
An internal 230V supply module powers the SPEC boards. The box contains fans to cool the cards.
More info at the Wiki page

Production Test Suite

A software suite written in Python to help with production tests of PCBs. AKA PTS.

White Rabbit

White Rabbit is a fully deterministic Ethernet-based network for general purpose data transfer and synchronization. It can synchronize over 1000 nodes with sub-ns accuracy over fiber lengths of up to 10 km. Commercially available.
More info at the Wiki page

White Rabbit Switch - Testing

A project to host all software and hardware developments related to testing the White Rabbit switch.

FMC DEL 1ns 4cha

A fine delay generator in FMC format with 1 input and 4 outputs. The resolution is 1 ns. Commercially available.
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