The following companies are actively using the OHR site to develop or produce open hardware, software and drivers. These companies may be paid for the open developments. Please note that companies may in fact be involved in more areas than described in the table below. This table only reflects work done in the OHR site.

Aivon Agile design and fabrication of electronics and mechanics Finland No Yes No No 2 0
Cosylab Your trusted control system partner Slovenia Yes No Yes No 4 4
Creotech An enterprise of zeal and excellence Poland Yes Yes Yes Yes 32 13
Digicom Electronics Detail oriented, Integrated solutions, Guaranteed, Industrious, Capable, On-time, Manufacturing Excellence USA No Yes No No 1 0
ELMA Your solution partner Switzerland Yes No No No 1 1
GL-Research Free/Open embedded systems technology applied to the Industrial, Scientific & Medical market Spain Yes Yes Yes Yes 3 1
Gnudd Helping our partners to master technologies Italy No No No Yes 18 2
HLP Technologies Create Design Develop and Maintain France Yes Yes Yes Yes 1 1
Igalia Open source consultancy for innovative projects Spain No No No Yes 2 3
INCAA Computers Your partner in automation The Netherlands Yes Yes No Yes 6 2
Institute of Electronic Systems Warsaw University of Technology Poland Yes No Yes Yes 2 4
Integrasys Building Success from Innovation Spain No No Yes Yes 2 3
ISD Integrated Systems of guaranteed quality and performance Greece No Yes No No 1 0
Janz Tec Industrial Computing Architects Germany No Yes Yes Yes 3 0
KAYA Instruments Everything you need for your Vision System Israel Yes Yes Yes Yes 1 1
MagentaSys MagentaSys Switzerland Yes No No No 2 0
Milky Mist Eyecandy on a Chip France No No Yes No 1 1
NetTimeLogic FPGA vendor independent time synchronization and network redundancy solutions Switzerland No No Yes Yes 2 1
OPNT Simple solutions beyond GPS The Netherlands Yes Yes Yes No 2 2
ORSoC FPGA, ASIC, DSP – embedded SoC design Sweden Yes No No No 1 0
Seven Solutions Your reliable open company Spain Yes Yes Yes Yes 17 6
Splendeo Innovación Intuitive, easy to use web applications Spain No No No Yes 1 1
Sundance Technology embedded signal processing solutions United Kingdom Yes Yes Yes Yes 3 2
SyncTechnology Open to Win! China Yes Yes Yes No 4 1